RESERVATIONS: ALL reservations must be made interoffice (NOT WITH INDIVIDUAL SITTER), five days in advance without penalty. Last minute reservations will be assessed a fee. Payment is due in advance for all reservations, half of the total amount due must be paid at the initial consultation as a deposit (full payment accepted). The remaining balance is due by the start date via a mailed check, bill pay or credit/debit card online. NOTE: No payments may be left for the sitter on the start date.

Consultations are required for all new client reservations to be confirmed/accepted and take place at the clients' house a week before the start date (all pets must be present). Two sets of the key are required at this time. Established clients that may not need a consultation visit are required to make the full payment, by check in the mail, bill pay or via credit/debit card by the start date. Failure to pay the complete bill in advance may require a penalty. Any changes in return or departure dates will be charged upon return or left on the account as a credit.

*Note: Angel's Love Pet Sitting reserves the right to deny service to anyone without explanation before or at the initial consultation. If there is an issue or unsafe situation that occurs during a set reservation the reservation may be canceled. Angel's Love Pet Sitting will find safe care for your pet per your instructions and necessary fees.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be made interoffice (INDIVIDUAL SITTER may be also notified of cancelations), three days in advance without penalty. There are no refunds. Deposits are applied to your account as a credit usable toward your next reservation (minus a 15$ new client set up fee or any late fees). This credit is good for use within a year of the cancellation date. Any cancellation made 24 hours or less before start time may not receive any credit to their account. The full deposit is consumed by Angel's Love Pet Sitting. If the invoice is paid in full, only half the amount (the deposit) is retained, the other half remains as a credit.

PAYMENT OPTIONS and FEES: ALPS will accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, bill pay, and money orders. Card payments can be made online, swiped in person, or over the phone. Bounced checks will be charged a fee of $20.00 per check (and any fee charged by the bank). This fee plus the full sitting fee must be paid before visits are performed, or continued. Late fees may apply to any payment partial or full not paid by your return date. The late fee of $10 will be charged and then a dollar a day for each day until payment is received (Exception may apply).

SHARED RESPONSIBILITY: Due to the fact that this action may possibly be unsafe for ALPS staff and your pet, we strongly discourage it. Common problems include: overfeeding, unlocked doors, lost keys, missed feedings, and a scare if the two caregivers cross paths unexpectedly. For the safety of your pet and my staff, Angel's Love Pet Sitting reserves all rights to deny service to those considering shared responsibilities.

CLEANUPS and DAMAGE BY PETS: No fee will be charged for basic maintenance and animal upkeep. Excessive cleaning for recurrent mishaps may be assessed a charge from 2-5$ and/or charged for additional time spent on the visit. Angel's Love Pet Sitting is only responsible for the waste and clean up that happen during our visits. The staff and owner of Angel's Love Pet Sitting is not responsible for the damage done to the premises/property by pets. Pet are unpredictable when faced with free unmonitored time. We will make every effort to deter or eliminate the problem once found/noticed. This may include adding extra or lengthening visits at the owners expense. Notification will be made to owner in advance.

VACCINE REQUIREMENTS: All pets must have a current rabies vaccine, with written veterinary proof ( unless medically warranted). In some cases, the location of vaccination can be called for verification. Other vaccines recommended but not required are feline and canine distemper, and canine bordetella (unless utilizing K9 boarding or play dates).

VISITING HOURS: Angel's Love Pet Sitting will make every attempt to be at your residence within the hour of your requested time. Due to the fact that this job has a lot of factors that can cause delays in reservation scheduling, we can not guarantee arrival at the exact same time everyday/visit. Visits times range from 7:15am -9pm (last visit is at 9:15p) Yet we will spend the reserved amount of time with your pet despite arrival time. Dogs waiting to go potty, or pets with timed medications take priority over others when scheduling delays occur.

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: It is the responsibility of the owner to have in place a plan for your pet(s) in case of a national or environmental disaster. This includes a person to tend to and/or retrieve your pet in case of closed roads and or evacuation. When possible Angel's Love Pet Sitting, LLC will check on and confirm your pets safety.

VETERINARY/GROOMER VISITS: Owners will be notified immediately regarding problems noted with their pet. Upon need for immediate medical care, ALPS reserves the right to seek appropriate help. All fees acquired during this process will be charged to the client. Your regular vet will always be considered as first choice, but if need be, other facilities may be utilized based on availability and emergency. Owners are urged to contact their vet in advance to notify them of the sitter and vaction arrangements. Angel's Love Pet Sitting can taxi your pet to and from regular groomer and vet visits. Owner is responsible for arranging payment with the facility in advance.

DISCOUNTS: Angel's Love Pet Sitting offers various discounts to our clients. These discounts include...

Ready Rabbit Program: A program for frequent travelers and routine service users. Some discount may include visit prices, late reservation fees, or other bonuses. Some discounts have restrictions, like the length of reservation, for redemption. Members of this program store their keys with ALPS and are able to make a new reservation with no need for consultation. This is a very convenient time saver for both parties. This program is designed to reward those utilizing the service on a regular or frequent base.

Senior Discount: Is a 10% discount offered to those clients 68+ years young.

Cat's Meow Discount: This is a discount offered to clients that refer new clients to Angel's Love Pet Sitting. When your referral calls to set up their reservation if they mention your name you will receive 1 free visit on your next reservation. After 3 referrals you can receive $15.00 cash, in place of free visits. Scheduled reservations must be completed to receive discount.

Your pet is in good hands - dial (904) 823-9031 for Unrivaled Pet Sitting.

The Angel's Love Pet Sitting services is located in St. Augustine and services St Augustine, Jacksonville and the surrounding area.