Other Services


This is a service we offer in home or off-site at a hotel (or rented vacation/temporary location) where we come and stay at your location for 2 hours or more for company to the pet while the owner is away. This is beneficial for separation anxiety or change in environment that may cause an uncomfortable feeling in the pet.

Overnight stays

We offer a service that allows a sitter to come and stay in your home overnight. This service comes with 2 options of time frames from 12hrs or 16 hrs. Typical hours include a 7p-7a( 12 hours), or 4p-8a (16 hours), as with all our services these hours are customizable.

Pet Taxi

This is a pet transportation service allowing your pet to be transported to and form the groomers, vets, or other locations. we can offer pick up and drop off services.

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The Angel's Love Pet Sitting services is located in Jacksonville and services St Augustine, Jacksonville and the surrounding area.